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British poet Steve Scott

2023 Digital Album and CD

Crying for a Vision and Other Essays

Everyone does one or the other. Here at last is a book for those who both struggle with the Muse and wrestle with the Angel.

"Steve Scott is a rare individual  who   combines
a deep love and understanding of Scripture with a passion for the arts." -Steve Turner, author, The Gospel According to the Beatles.

"Author, poet, and musician Steve Scott shares his thought-provoking views on the Bible and art ...a must read."

-Chris Well in CCM.

"Who would have expected a rock and roller to have much to say about religion and the arts?... Steve Scott's book nudged at my heart and mind.... It needs to be widely read...It is needed in our post-grunge world."
-Joe Tremblay, The Permanent Things in a Bookcase.

"Crying for a Vision... lays out for the reader precisely why Steve Scott's art has always been so strong.... His suggestions for basic principles of artistry are profoundly and deeply biblical. If you are an artist (or a pastor), or are simply interested in art, it is imperative that you read and digest this book."
-Kemper Crabb in HM.

Steve Scott art book

Crying for a Vision and Other Essays

"The primary audience for this book is the Christian artist. That said, I am a Christian but not an artist (at least not in the traditional sense); I work as a software engineer; but maybe I am a poet at heart because Steve Scott's book nudged at my heart and mind. His book needs to be widely read."
- Joseph Tremblay at Amazon.com

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Steve Scott's Cross My Heat

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Steve Scott

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Steve Scott video

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Cross My Heat

Steve Scott
For more information about Steve's album, "Cross My Heat",
Please visit his blog (see link at the top of the page).

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